Behind the Scenes

Get to know the off screen departments that make the magic happen!

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The cinematography department is in charge of all aspects of film production for CalTV videos. Using state of the art equipment, cinematographers choose which shoots they want to go on and then are responsible for operating the lighting, sound, and film equipment. We realize that production experience is often hard to encounter before college which means there is absolutely no previous experience requirement to be part of the department. We will teach you all the skills necessary to create a whole variant of videos. 

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Post Production

CalTV Post-production focuses on the technical aspect of video production from video editing, visual effects, and sound design. We provide our members with technical knowledge on various Adobe production software such as Premiere Pro, After Effects, Speed Grade and Audition. We are the last step in the video production process and pride ourselves on producing quality content.

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Welcome to Marketing/PR! The business and marketing team at CalTV is all about promoting the videos that all the other departments produce. We look at analytics to help better analyze video performance, manage social media accounts, and market the club as a whole through fundraising and outreach events. With Marketing/PR, we look at the business side of the industry while still learning about media production.