The Comedy department at CalTV is a group of people who are passionate about, well…comedy! That makes sense, at least. We write, direct, and act in our own original pieces of sketch comedy, and hey, we have fun doing it too. In the past, we’ve made sketches about one-man fraternities, covert erections, and “boss-ass bitches,” and in the future, we’ll make sketches about, hmm, I don’t know – if I had to guess, I’d say farts, poop, and sex. The big three, ya know? So, make sure to stay tuned to CalTV Comedy, and we’ll make sure to bring you the most mediocre sketch comedy at Berkeley! Yay!!!



When Jenny discovers Harry's secret, their friendship may never be the same....


Trigger Happiness

The world is scary. Protect your kids.



Another episode of that awesome TV show, you know the one -- where two average guys use their cool laptop to solve an online case of mistaken identity! You'll never guess what happens! Then what happens next, will SHOCK you! And what happens after that will make you say, "Woah, I didn't expect that." This week, on, TUNAFISH.


ARRIVAL: Do You Believe in Aliens? 

Join CalTV Entertainment's Kat Rowan to find out what UC Berkeley students think about aliens. Do you think they're real?


CalTV Comedy: Custody Battle 

Robert Dump and Samantha McClintock fight for custody of their precious child, Ivan.


CalTV Comedy Gets Into the Halloween Spirit 

Emma brings candy corn to CalTV Comedy's weekly meeting, and Jared shows off his sick candy catching skills! But what happens he won't stop....he can't stop.....he'll NEVER STOP!!!!!?????


I'm So Berkeley 

Grab your Birkenstocks and get ready to rock in this tribute to the city we love (and smell).