Meet the Team

Check out our amazingly talented CalTV crew! 


Samantha Cox-Parra - Executive Producer

Samantha began her time with CalTV as a freshman Sports Reporter. After a short time, she then went on to become the Sports Director. Samantha has also done some Entertainment Reporting as well as dabbled in cinematography and post production by mainly shooting and editing her own videos. Samantha was an Assignment Desk Intern at KRON 4 Bay Area News in San Francisco last summer and continued working with them into the Fall 2016 semester. Samantha hopes to go on to become either an Entertainment or Travel Reporter in the future!


Emilyanne Clancy - Executive Producer

Emilyanne began her CalTV career as a freshman cinematographer. She quickly rose through the ranks to Cinematography Director. Emilyanne aspires to become a steady camera operator, just like her father!


emmanuelle le chat - News Director 

As an aspiring political and travel broadcast journalist, Emmanuelle joined CalTV’s news department the first semester of her junior year to gain hands-on experience.  After just one semester as a news reporter she then became a co-director of the news department. While reporting news, Emmanuelle also co-edited and produced her own videos and helped give creative direction to her fellow reporters. Emmanuelle is excited to see where CalTV is going to take her this semester as she applies to internships in the broadcast journalism field. 


erin curley - News Director

Erin joined CalTV as a News Reporter and was honored to become the News Co-Director. She interned for the Federal Reserve Bank, two members of Congress, one State-Assemblyman, and KTVU Channel 2 News. She dreams of becoming the White House Press Secretary or a political correspondent for a major news network. 


Nasser Al- Rayess - Sports Director

Nasser joined CalTV the spring of his freshman year in the sports department. Since then, he has worked his way up to currently be the director of the sports department for the past year. During his time in the sports department, he has released a plentiful amount of entertaining interviews, as well as starting his own talk show, Behind the Hype. With his experience at CalTV, he was able to be an intern at NBC Sports for the 2016 Olympics. Nasser hopes to pursue a career in entertainment and broadcasting in the future. 


Julia McKeon - Sports Director 

Julia began her time with CalTV as a Sports Reporter at the beginning of her freshman year in Fall 2014.  After two years reporting at various Cal Athletic events, she worked her way up to eventually hold a position as Director of the Sports Department in Fall 2016.  Julia has a passion for broadcasting and marketing and she hopes to pursue a career in either the Sports or Entertainment Industries.  Julia previously held a marketing intern position at POPSUGAR during Summer 2014 and Summer 2015.  She currently holds a marketing and events intern position at CSN Bay Area in San Francisco, which she began last summer and will continue to hold throughout the Spring 2017 semester.  As a San Francisco native,  Julia loves all Bay Area sports and enjoys working at Warriors, Giants, 49ers and A's games with CSN. Julia hopes to pursue a marketing or broadcasting career at E! News or ESPN in the future!



Jasmine Pak - Entertainment Director

Jasmine began her time with CalTV as an Entertainment reporter at the start of her junior year in Fall 2015. She became the Director of Entertainment in Fall 2016 and continued to practice her passions in producing, reporting, and editing. Jasmine previously held a Video Production Internship position at CBS in New York during the Summer of 2016 and currently works as a Production Intern at NBC Bay Area. Jasmine loves the power of media and is passionate about bringing engaging yet powerful content to the screens. She aims to become a video producer in the Entertainment industry.


Andrew Zachary Fischer - entertainment Director

Andrew is a Senior in Media Studies minoring in Demography. He joined CalTV his first semester as a Junior transfer in Entertainment News. Andrew is a California native and began ballet dancing at an early age. This led him to dance professionally for many shows in Las Vegas and for Disney Entertainment in Los Angeles. Andrew then spent 4 years modeling in Milan, Paris and Los Angeles before beginning his academic future. Andrew believes these experiences have helped him excel as a reporter, editor and director for CalTV. He is currently the co-director of Entertainment News and is excited to pass on the tangible skills he has learned from CalTV. Andrew is an honor student that balances full time studies, part-time work and ballet. Andrew aspires to continue working in media as a producer and data scientist, that studies audience consumption trends and segmented narratives.


jared oates - Comedy Director

Jared joined CalTV in the Comedy department his sophomore year. After two semesters, he became a Co-Director of the department starting his junior year. In addition to CalTV, Jared also serves as the Creative Director of both campus theater group Theater for Charity and improv troupe Best Laid Plans. Jared graduates from Cal this semester with a B.A. in History, and aspires to work in the entertainment industry as a comedy writer.


alana kern - Comedy assistant director

Alana has been writing sketch comedy since high school. She joined CalTV Comedy as a freshman and was quickly promoted to Assistant Director. Alana hopes to write comedy professionally, but if that doesn’t work out she’ll probably live the rest of her life as a certified crazy cat lady. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 12.03.34 PM.png

judit rosas - post production director 

Judit first began her CalTV journey in the fall of 2016. She joined as a post-production editor and is now the director. She is a fourth year Political Science major with an emphasis in political theory. She has interned for a few startup app companies such as Chosen, which partnered with Ellen. She is self taught and has done freelance jobs to help build her portfolio. In January of 2017, Judit was part of the editing team for CalTV's Sundance Film Festival Coverage, which took place in Utah.


Cassidy Crichton - Post Production Director

Joining CalTV as a first semester transfer student, Cassidy found a community that shared her interest in producing engaging and entertaining videos. She joined as an editor, and now is Co-Director of Post-Production. She has experience working as an intern with Desi 1170AM radio station, and she has taken multiple film production and film history courses. She plans to work at other media outlets this summer. Cassidy has a passion for helping others find their creativity and identity through art forms, and advocates all members to try to learn every aspect of film and media.

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Camellia joined CalTV in the fall of 2016 as a cinematographer, working her way up to becoming the Cinematography Director the following year. During her time with CalTV, she has covered the 2016 Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) meeting and the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. As a History major in her senior year, she is currently writing her thesis on media representations of black women in the early 20th century. Deeply interested in this subject, Camellia hopes to work in the entertainment industry (possibly in film or television production) in a way that would ultimately help advance positive and compelling narratives of women of color.


Tory BigeloW - Cinematography Assistant Director

Tory joined CalTV at the beginning of her Sophomore year as a cinematographer and has become assistant director of cinematography this semester as well as being an entertainment reporter. In the future she hopes to become a film producer or TV producer. CalTV is helping her take steps towards achieving her goals as she applies to internships across the US.


Sarah Abiharb - Cinematography Assistant Director

Sarah began her time with CalTV in her first semester at Berkeley in Fall 2016. At CalTV she was able to discover a community that fostered her passion in television production. After one semester, she became Assistant Director of Cinematography where she is able to help her fellow members execute their creative vision behind the camera. She currently works for The Project for Women and was given the opportunity to film and direct professional content for the platform. Sarah hopes to pursue a career in film and television production, and is excited to she what else she can do for CalTV and what it can do for her.