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Unapologetically Muslim: How Cal students reacted to Trump's Travel Ban 


"What Qualities would you like to see in a NEw chancellor?"

As UC Berkeley gets ready to say goodbye to Chancellor Nicholas Dirks and the search for a new chancellor begins, CalTV News reporter Ciclady Rodriguez asks students and community members about their thoughts on the selection process of the new chancellor.


Bears Take on the Runway

Every semester, UC Berkeley’s FAST (Fashion and Student Trends) makes fashion an accessible activity for the campus community. See the cumulation of this semester’s project with their show: Altered.


PSA on ASUC Scholarships and Grants 

Click to find out more about available scholarships and grants courtesy of the ASUC:


"Trump, We Need to Talk" 

As hundreds of students gathered on the UC Berkeley campus following the historical election of Donald J. Trump, CalTV News reporter Erin Curley asked students about their thoughts on the results. Does this election spell disaster or inspire hope?


"Do I want to get shot by a clown today?" 

Watch as CalTV News reporter Emmanuelle Le Chat finds out how students on our campus feel about all the recent clown sightings, just in time for Halloween. Are these sightings serious or just a sick joke?


Students Rally for Mexico's Missing 43 

Students gathered on the Steps of Sproul to honor the second anniversary of the disappearance of 43 student teachers from Ayotzinapa, Mexico and to denounce state sponsored violence and repression.