CalTV Sports is UC Berkeley’s student-run, online sports center for everything Cal’s athletics. Our content has become more diverse from years past to include post-game interviews, documentary series covering The Pressures of a Student Athlete, and a new in-studio sports talk show called Behind the Hype. Our reporters use their diverse sports knowledge to cover various sports with accuracy while humanizing the student athlete. Along side our diversified video contents, CalTV Sports aims to represent all of Cal Athletics by covering football, basketball, crew, softball, baseball, soccer, rugby, field hockey, cheer and dance, swimming and diving, gymnastics, and much more! Stay tuned for the latest CalTV Sports episodes to gain insight of the performance and life of Cal athletes with the guide of charming student reporters!


Behind the Hype: S4E1 - Justin Wilcox


Join CalTV Sports' Brandon Lee as he interviews Connor Heap for a recap of Cal vs. TCU.


Connor Heap from Cal Men's Tennis


Join CalTV Sports' Brandon Lee as he interviews Connor Heap for a recap of Cal vs. TCU.


Cal vs Oregon State Basketball Recap


Reporter Ryan Cardiff recaps the basketball match of Cal vs Oregon


CalTV Sports: Cal Football Interview with Tre Watson


Join reporter Lynne Hickman as she interviews Cal Football star Tre Watson about his experience as a running back this season. Go Bears!


CalTV's Lie Witness News: Big Game Edition


As the Big Game gets closer students feel more pressured to pretend that they are informed about the latest sports events. Join Laura Leap as she asks students about the results of football's Big Game against Stanford before it even happens.


Behind the Hype - S3E2 Cal Cheer Team


Join Nasser Al-Rayess as he goes behind the scenes with the Cal Cheer Team in this segment of CalTV's own Behind the Hype!